Ledig et engasjement som Business IT Manager for Internasjonal aktør

asks & responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Gather the day to day integration requests from operating companies and work with multiple stakeholders to drive the process from intake to delivery according to the architecture approved by mother company
  • Act as project manager for an initiative to rework current local integrations to ensure that the Company is ready for migration to multi-tenant ERP cloud environment in the future
  • Drive and lead the implementation of our Identity Management Platform (Okta) across the division
  • Own the roadmap process for our division and create a forum to ensure that OpCos learn from each other, teaming up where natural synergies exist
  • Provide extra attention to the operating companies in Asia and Africa in leveraging central IT resources sitting in mother company 
  • Ensure that the SAFE IT programme is running to expectation and proactively chase where necessary
  • Support the adoption of the Company IT Value dashboard across the division
  • Drive the roll out of our videoconference solution across the division, including putting together the instructions on how to use the equipment
  • Support the Division IT Director on various topics on ad hoc basis
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